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Question 76: Sugar, honey, honey
Question 77: Question 77 (that’s what it is)
Question 78: FOUR
Question 79: Answer 3, letter U in word you
Question 80: Filthy Romanians
Question 81: Move the mouse up and down inside the antenae until thunder comes.
Question 82: Clip the toenails fast!
Question 83: National Dyslexic Association (N.D.A. = D.N.A.)
Question 84: Green Shooting Star (here, you must get the two skips, go top left for the first one, and nearly-top right for the second one. For the shooting star, go bottom right)
Question 85: I loved it! (Splapp had worked a lot to make question 84, so love it!)
Question 86: The Prince (that’s weird)
Question 87 Click the invisible dot missing in the 87)
Question 88: Break Sonic’s leg (click the leg as fast as you can)
Question 89: Blindness
Question 90: Nonce
Question 91: Rip the note (no clicking involved, and go to the left, just below the second hole, and follow the sequence.
Question 92: 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4 (note: don’t do it so fast, because if the timer has not shown up yet, when you finish this one, you will lose)
Question 93: Go! (put the bomb somewhere else, to see the go!)
Question 94: The bomb is a dud!
Question 95: Remove mouse, click Red. (The cat will get the insect if the mouse is out)
Question 96: A right mess?
Question 97: 10+ times!
Question 98: Blue, red, blue, yellow (the words, not the colors)
Question 99: When spotlight is green, click go.
Question 100: Two (Don’t confuse it this time)


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